Our Mission

Play is a powerful thing. It frees us to explore without judgement or agenda. It is a safe space for discovering ourselves and the world around us. It is a chance to do, to try and retry, to create and destroy, to make and improve. We are all born makers—creative and free thinkers.

We design toys that help facilitate open ended play. Each kit is a starting point, with instructions illustrating a single configuration that teach you the basics. But don't stop there. Each kit is designed to support a variety of configurations! And we give you extra zip ties to try them out! What else can you make it do? Need ideas? Check out our blog to see other configurations. 

Did you make something cool?  We'd love to see it! Send us pictures of your modified bots and we'll showcase them on our site.

About Us

We are a small mom and pop, maker-style toy company.  ArtBot Toys is the brainchild of Chris Myers and Anne Mayoral.  Our kits evolved out of our time at many Maker Faires.  We love getting kids of all ages making and creating something that works.  We pride ourselves in designing toys that are both creative and technical and appeal to boys and girls alike.