Where can I buy your kits?

Right now, we only sell our kits through our online store and at events (Maker Faires, TinkerFest, etc.).  We hope to expand into other retailer outlets soon!  Join our newsletter to stay up to date about what we're doing.


What is the best age for your kits?

Our original SpinBot kit is age rated for 8 years old and up due to small parts and choking hazards. The build is not particularly hard, but does require fine motor skills, an attention to detail, and about a 15-20 minute attention span. We have had younger roboteers build SpinBots with great success.  You know your child best and can better judge their readiness.

Likewise, the SpinBot ECO kit is also age rated for 8 years old and up due to small parts and choking hazards.  It has a couple of extra steps, but also offers more versatility in the build.  It is also about a 15-20 minute build.

The DriverBot kit is age rated for 10 years old and up due to the small parts and choking hazard as well as the length of time required for the build.  While the build is similar to the SpinBot kit, it is more involved and therefore takes a longer time... about 30-35 minutes.

The CritterBot is a paper circuit activity, age rated for 8 years old and up due to small parts.  Again, younger users have assembled this with the aid of their caregiver.  

Instructions for all our kits are available online so that you can judge for yourself the difficulty level. 

As always, we're here to help so reach out if you have any questions!


Which set is best for beginners?

Our original SpinBot and CritterBot kits are great entry points to robotics, electronics, and building confidence. They are relatively quick builds specifically designed to interest all young makers.


Are all materials and supplies included?

Each kit comes with the items show on the product page.  We include everything needed to build the kit, with the exception of the batteries.  We also delineate any items you might need and/or want on hand.  For example, you will need scissors for the CritterBot build.